Lauriane Povey

Hello and welcome to my site.

I feel like a proper author now I’m on the web and I’m very pleased with the site so far. Of course a lot more work needs doing and I’ve still got a lot of things to add; like news and events page and a few blogs to help any potential authors out there, hopefully even a newsletter in the future, once a few more books are published. But it’s all working progress. I will try and keep the site updated as much as possible.

Any news about books will be put on here straight away so keep checking back, there will be new material… I promise (fingers crossed). I’ve got a couple of blogs planned so I will get them fully written up and uploaded on to the site in the next few weeks, they will mainly evolve around writing a novel and getting it published etc. I will try and type up a new blog whenever I have time and they won’t all be boring stuff about publishers and synopses. My new years revolution is to dedicate more time on author work so hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

I’m ready to take orders for Living a Nightmare so please visit the ‘contact‘ page on this site. I’m loving its new cover from my amazing friend, Emma Wrigley… it really did need a new cover. The major editing for Veil of Anonymity will start very shorty and should be out for Christmas this year. I’ve promised myself that at every spare minute I get I will be tapping away at these keys and writing the sequel to Living a Nightmare. The main writing will be finished this year, I know there is a lot of you eager to read the sequel and I’m sorry for the long delay but the second edition has been my priority for the last few months and getting this website ready.

Will write soon and a happy new year to you all.

Lauriane 🙂