Lauriane Povey

Hi everyone.

The publishing date for Veil of Anonymity is 15th February 2014. I am very excited to get hold of my book in print and I hope you all love reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Veil of Anonymity is a stand alone novel about cyber bullying – with a twist. The main difference with this book compared to others about bullying is that it is about the bully rather than the victim, which made it interesting to write. Please read the blurb on the ‘Books’ page and the sneak peaks to get an insight into this novel.

I wrote Veil of Anonymity in about four months when I was fourteen. I had an idea about the bully and I had to start writing immediately, despite being part way through two other books. I got hooked on the novel and the characters, I wanted to find out what made someone become a bully. Delving into a bully’s mindset was fascinating and personally, I find Veil of Anonymity quite a deep book. I hope I’ve portrayed that in my writing and I wonder how many of you will end up feeling sorry for the bully.

You can pre-order your copy of Veil of Anonymity by visiting the ‘Books‘ page and you can now pay via paypal on this site.

Will keep you updated,